*Updated* Japanese Beauty Magazine Egg’s & the Ganguro Look – Tasteless or Top?!


*updated – see video at the end* I bought some books and magazines from Yes Asia and had to make up the value to get free shipping. So I bought this interesting looking magazine called Egg’s Beauty…well it has beauty in the title, doesn’t it? I saw the cover before I bought it, I knew […]

Giveaway and Winner Announcement!


Its Monday! Save. Me. Anyway – just so you know, there’s a new button above where you can vote for Cosmetic Candy’s blog posts at the Appletiser Awards. I’ve been told to draw your attention to it, so there you go, attention diverted! You do have to register, but you get free apples. Possibly. Vote […]

Collection & Swatches: Scott Barnes Royal Eye Ice Loose Pigment Eyeshadows

So I went through a phase of deciding I had to have lots and lots of things from the Scott Barnes collection so I picked up several of these Eye Ice pigments too from StrawberryNet. These loose pigment eyeshadows come in a number of jewel tones. Like with all loose pigment eyeshadows, one needs to […]

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