Want J.Lo Glow? Scott Barnes Body Bling Moisturizing Shimmering Lotion

To be honest, I’m not one for fake tan, and I’m not one for all over shimmery body lotions but I do have a thing for Scott Barnes and decided to pick up one of his Body Bling Lotions when it was listed on eBay. This is the Body Bling in its newest form, which is a squeezy tube, in Platinum for cooler/pale skintones and Original, which is for darker/warm skintones: They Say: Body Bling […]

Essence of Beauty Make Up Brushes Review


My girl, the Muse picked up these Essence of Beauty Brushes for me from the US of A a few months ago! This was the Face set with 3 brushes and 6 different brush heads. Over here I wouldn’t consider buying cheap brushes but I dunno why, cheap brands from abroad always seem appealing! I think the price was $14.99 which is great value. Here are the 3 brushes: I’ve had brushes with a similar […]

Review: Quash Moisturising Hand Sanitiser with Kimchi!

I was sent a bottle of this Quash Moisturising Hand Sanitiser to try out a few weeks ago. Incase I didn’t tell you, I am pathetically addicted to Hand Santisers or Antibacterial Hand Gels. Love. Them. When the swine flu “thing” was all the rage, they handed out Cussons Hand Gel out at work, and I was first in the queue. I have random bottles of this stuff in all my handbags, on my desk […]

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