Can’t Live Without: Ojon Rub Out Dry Cleanser Shampoo


Unfortunately I have an unfortunate scalp. If its not being oily, its being all sensitive and flaky. Its a hard scalp to look after – I know that I shouldn’t be washing it everyday but I can’t stand greasy hair. But at the same time I am stripping my scalp each time. So, there’s the dry shampoo! I’ve tried quite a few – Bumble & Bumble’s Hair Powder I found a bit tricky to use […]

5 Products that are currently saving my dry skin!


My skin is currently drier than it has every been. I have gone into lock down and am trying to pull it out of the flaky, tender stage as soon as possible so I can actually do something with it! Here are 5 products that I am using at this moment and are working their magic on the flakies. 1. Elemis Moisture Max Day Cream This is a fairly lightweight but very hydrating cream that […]

Koji Extra Wide Curving Eyelash Curler Review


Koji are a Japanese brand that specialises in Lash Curlers, Fake Lashes, Lash Tape, Lash Glue, Mascara, Eyeliners, – you see their niche? I got this eyelash curler because its supposed to be a special shape for Asian eyes – wider, flatter – so its supposed to catch all your lashes in one go: The length across is 38mm: This is Japanese engineering darling – even this curler is ergonomic! I have used a few […]

Beauty On The Go: Clinique Quick Blush


If you know me, you will know that I spend a lot of time applying make up in a car and generally speeding about from place to place. That’s why I was dying to try this new product from Clinique – simply names Quick Blush because its a portable blushing, erm, solution. The colour is in the cap – oh yep! The brush is already there! Means all you need is this chubby thing for […]

Boots No. 7 Lift & Luminate Launch!


I am all for affordable (or relatively) affordable but effective skincare. I have a set of SKII skincare in my to use box but I’m to scared to use it – it cost me a fair penny, and if it makes me break out then…its just…too hard to contemplate. My next main dabbling or should I say trial (after Karin Herzog – verdict coming up) may be this – Boots No. 7′s new Lift & […]

Dior Spring Look 2010 Dentelle Collection is Lacy Good


Dior’s Spring Collection, Dentelle has one of the most stunning model shots I have seen this year: I would love to do this look as a FOTD… I haven’t seen the collection in person yet but the colours are quite me. Rather than going for spring pastels or brights, the collection elegant, muted but has the potential to be smoked up. Here are my picks: 5 Couleurs Iridescent Edition Dentelle – in Coquette (£39) LE. […]

Friday Giveaway! 4 Piece Jenulence Mineral Make Up Set!


Happy Friday! Today I am out and about but I wish all of you at work a Happy Happy Day! We have a fab gift set for you ladies today from Jenulence. Jenulence makes mineral make up that is cruelty free, with no synthetic preservatives, talk etc. You can win: 3 x 20-gram sifter jars of Jenulence foundation/concealer, blush, finishing (or setting) powder and a natural powder brush in this set. How to enter… You […]

SANA Pore Putty Moist Primer Base Review


Love SANA. Its a Japanese brand with a unique range of products and one of them is this Pore Putty range, consisting of primers, concealers and powders. The original Pore Putty stuff is nice. Its thick, proper heavy coverage stuff which is nice and not that common with Japanese cosmetics that can run quite sheer. I have tried various things from the original range and the Pore Putty in Clear. This is the newer version, […]

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