Skincare Routine Update: Week 2-3 with Karin Herzog

Ok, where are we now with Karin Herzog? Week 2/3 I believe. The last time I updated I have a few massive pus filled boils on my face and on my chin, as well as few little bumpy areas on my face. So to update you briefly – 1. The massive pussy (hehe) spots have gone. No eruptions, however my skin still feels a bit bumpy around the chin area. 2. Overall, the skin is […]

Review: Benefit Miss Popularity Highlighter

I have a list of products, items that I’ve wanted to buy for a while but I am totally willing to wait for. A few weeks ago I decided to order Miss Popularity, a highlighter wand type contraption from StrawberryNet for £10 (on sale). I do love a Benefit invention: Benefit say: Turn up your “all that” appeal with miss popularity. All you need is our new precision highlighter in all the right places and […]

Poll: How many posts do you want on Cosmetic Candy?

This may have been something I’ve asked you before but I want to be sure – how many posts do you want to see on Cosmetic Candy? I generally do at least 3 posts a day, but somedays I may go nuts and post 15! But then do you have time to read these? Do you feel overwhelmed if there is too much new content? Do you prefer things more spread out? Tell me in […]

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