Let’s talk…..

Hey guys… I have had so many emails and comments lately that its been hard to keep up. That and many other things I have to take care of means I may have missed some of your emails, comments, requests… So let’s talk! If there’s a comment you think I didn’t answer, or an email […]

Review: Organix Self Heating Coconut Oil

I was sent this Organix Self Heating Coconut Oil hair treatment to test out a while ago. I am all for hair treatments for my dry, dry hair, so was mucho happy to test it out. I like the fact that the Organix range is paraben free and the shampoos are SLS free. Its also […]

Review: Skinfood Black Garlic Face Cream

As soon as I heard there was a cream that had ‘Garlic’ in its name I had to buy it. You know what I’m like. Apparently, Black Garlic “improves blood circulation & revitalize fatigue skin. Water-based with non-greasy quick absorption.” Yah, it looks pretty bad. Here is the face cream by Skinfood: According to the […]

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