Review: Armani Eyes to Kill Mascara

I got a few samples of the Giorgio Armani Mascara, Eyes to Kill a few weeks ago. I can’t remember how much exactly this mascara is, but I am sure that it is around the £20 mark which I think makes it expensive in my eyes for a product which ultimately, doesn’t last that long. My mini tester! The brush is rather nice, a medium sized bristle brush – no gimmicks here. From the top, […]

Haul: Laura Mercier Foiled Eye Color & Lip Gloss!

Laura Mercier is one of those brands that always has odd bits and pieces worth investing in (like the base products). I picked up some bits, a clear nude lip gloss in Bare Beige, the dark eyeliner (god I love eyeliner pencils) and the new Foiled eye colour in VIP silver: The eyeshadow reminds me of the ‘baked’ kind but I didn’t really think much when I swatched it at home. HOWEVER – once it […]

Lip of the Day: Besame Enchanting Lipstick in Gold Lame

These cute, tiny little pigmented lipstick from Besame are dainty and a really nice gift for Christmas! Its funny how these lipstick are so small – presumably ladies were more delicate and carried smaller purses around. Whereas these days – just try and find this lipstick at the bottom of my 42cm bag…. Anyway, Gold on the lips is perfect for the Christmas season, its more than a nude, its adds a tropical glow to […]

Not Beauty Related: Do you watch Dexter?

Does anyone else out there watch Dexter? Well I am still reeling after watching Season 4′s finale. OMFG. But I have no one to talk to about it, no one to go OMFG to – so if you saw it, you know what happened, if you also need some sleeping tablets and a hug, leave me a comment! What did you think of the finale!? ** Spoilers in the comments, mmmm okay? **

Gift Guide: Saaf Organic Face & Body Care Gift Selection Box

Have you tried Saaf? If you haven’t then you should! Its a really lovely organic skincare range (albeit quite pricey). I loved the look of this gift set: It includes: The recyclable aluminium tin contains Pure Face Cleansing Balm 3g, Hydrating Face & Lip Balm 3g; Ultimate Moisture Face Serum 4ml; Complexion Boosting Serum 4ml; Foot Softening Balm 3g; Eraser Body Oil 9ml; Super Hydrating Body Balm 3g and Enriching Hair Oil 9ml. So the […]

Gift Guide: Avon Absynthe Perfume is Green!

A perfume from Avon, I hear you sniff? I know, I know but I totally fell in love with the bottle and the green – I love love love this kind of snotty-bog green…that’s an awful description. But I just love this green. I always think of Kylie when I hear the word Absynthe. This scent is (they say): A mysterious oriental fragrance inspired by the magic of absynthe. Captivating green anise and saffron, enticed […]

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