5 Day Giveaway, 5 Chances to win Nicky Clarke Hair Straighteners!

Tired of Christmas Shopping and need a little pick up treat for yourself? Well starting from tomorrow (Wednesday 9th December), Cosmetic Candy will be giving away a pair of Nicky Clarke Hair Straighteners for the next 5 days: “Doing your bit for charity and ensuring you look your best are not usually two tasks that come hand in hand. However, celebrity hair stylist Nicky Clarke has set out to change this with the launch of […]

Review: Whish Shave Crave Shaving Cream looks like Ice Cream!

I have a confession. I rarely use shaving creams, foams or oils when I erm, shave. Why? Its a bit luxurious, innit? Its an extra. Why can’t I just use soap? Why can’t I just use soap and water? Or shower gel? Or body lotion? Its the same reason that I don’t buy chicken breasts (My mother would disapprove at me spending £6 on 2 chicken boobs when I could just get meat on the […]

Postman is coming to getcha!

Hallo my lovely ladies, After much hard work at the Candy HQ I have lots of beautifully wrapped….well….wrapped packages ready to go for Blog Sale people, Competitions Winners and CPs. Please do check to see if a parcel is headed your way. With it being December, some delays are inevitable but at leas this way you know it is being dealt with as we speak! The List:

Christmas Gift Idea: Antique Hair Clip from Ebuni!

The problem with online shopping is that its too easy to *browse*. Do you know what happens when I browse? I end up with a ‘one for you, one for me policy.’ Hence I ended up on ebuni.com which sells all kinds of hair accessories, brooches and jewellery bits (affordable – check! takes paypal – check!): I love antiquey looking hair accessories so I choose this. Enough sparkle for the day to not look OTT. […]

Christmas Gift Idea: Barry M Eye Candy Kit

I was intended to give this cute little Barry M Set from Superdrug to my cousin (aged 15 and totally into make up at the moment) but then I realised, as she used the ‘yeah-wotever’ line on me again, she was an ungrateful little brat so decided to try it out myself instead. That is my punishment style. (Its ok baby! I’m going out to get you another one, ok? Don’t me mad with me!) […]

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