Review: Bond Girl Gift Set by Beauté Cosmetics

Miss Candy does not gush. The last time I gushed over something it was a thick cut piece of gammon with some chunky cut chips and an egg sunny side up. Mmmmm. Whoops, turning into Homer Simpson again. So let me present to you this Bond Girl gift set from Beauté Cosmetics, a Canadian brand. The brainchild behind the brand is Beau Nelson, a make up artist to the celebrities – I used to follow […]

My new Karin Herzog Skincare Trial!

Karin Herzog sent me a set of skincare to try a week or two ago and as usual, I have collapsed into a tired heap at night, unable to properly use the skincare in the manner I am supposed to. BUT! Its a new week! I want to it be a good week. I have exciting things happening in my “real” life, so I am also going to take care of my skin, properly… My […]

Do other people R-E-S-P-E-C-T your beauty collection?

I know, its only make up. Being a beauty addict I have a certain way I organising my make up (in a large bag, in cabinets, in smaller bags, then mini bags) and that is my way of doing it. If people start messing things up (Mr Candy) in an attempt to “tidy it” it drives me insane. I also dislike people messing with my day to day beauty essentials, especially cream products. Why? Bacteria. […]

Christmas Gift Idea: Name Necklace from Kendi Jewlz!


Remember when Carrie in SATC, and she made the name necklace popular? Yeah, well, I never got my mitts on one…but I have now! In Sterling Silver too: So not a make up item for once, but still something beautifying! They also make it in gold, in different fonts, with jewels. I opted for something quite simple, so I can wear it day to day: I am in love with the retro plastic style (may […]

NOTD: Nubar Geisha Blaze is a cute hot pink

This is my first ever Nubar Nail Polish, and I love it! Perfect opacity and really easy to glide over the nail. Love the pot and lid shape too – easy to grip. This colour is Geisha Blaze which I think is the perfect colour – not quite a super hot slutty pink, it has a pretty edge too: Nubar polishes are also formaldehyde, toluene and phthalate (say that after a few Baileys) free. You […]

Swatch of the Day # 73: Jill Stuart Eyeshadow in Sugar Plum

A rich warm reddy plum. What would you wear with this? Note: This image is part of the soon to be launched swatch gallery. Do not reproduce any of these images in any form for personal or commercial use without requesting permission. You can request usage by using the contact form.

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