Review: Twilight Luna Femme Fatale Lip Gloss

It must have been a moment of insanity, but I found myself, a few weeks ago ordering this Luna Twilight Femme Fatale lipgloss from ASOS. I must state now that I am neither for or against Twilight. I’ve seen the first Twilight film where I thought Rob Patz was very handsome and the girl in it was mega sulky and in real life would never pull someone as hot as Rob Patz because we all […]

Like shopping? Some Sale Bargains

How many things have I bought from the post Christmas sales? Nothing. Nada. I figured that if I didn’t need it pre Christmas, I probably don’t need it now. Besides, my New Years treat is this: Ignore the fact SJP has it. Its the YSL Besace Messenger Bag. LOVE! Nevertheless, if I were sale shopping I’d be picking up some gems from SpaceNK (even though the customer service is seriously lacking). The entire Sonia Kashuk […]

Back from hibernation & New Years Resolutions

It’s been quiet on the Candy front as I’ve been catching up on sleep. By catching up I mean 13 hours in bed, which I can conclude, makes me even more sleepy and ten times more groggy than my usual 4 hours! I’ve realised that with this weeks resting, that its important to have a reason to get up in the morning. I moan about work and my projects that keep me insanely busy, but […]

The blog recap for 2009! March

In March 2009… In March I got my paws on the fab Remington Spin Curl and two gorgeous Chanel Lip Colours (but the price! eek!) I went all Recessionista on you, and bought Primark make up – yes, Primark make up – did it stand up to the test? I spent money on a type of beauty item I rarely rarely spend money on – and I still love this now…whereas I don’t know where […]

The blog recap for 2009! February, month of lurveeeee

In February 2009… I did a rather in detail comparison of the Guerlain Terracota powder eyeliners and the L’oreal HIP liners – ever tried powder liners? You should! I also compared some green lipglosses (can’t believe how rubbish my pictures used to be) – need to dig these out cos green lipgloss + pigmented lips = Caramel Glossy Lips! I bought a Chanel White eyeliner and it looked…well white, and a black sparkly lipgloss that […]

Why Bob, its the blog recap for 2009! January!

When I think back to January this year (2009) I had no idea how much things had progressed and changed. As always, I have a silly amount of content so I have decided to break down some of the best/favourite posts over this year and put them in recap form for you over the next day or two. Have a look, have a laugh! In January 2009… Illamasqua had only just entered our consciousness….can you […]

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