Review: Twilight Luna Femme Fatale Lip Gloss

It must have been a moment of insanity, but I found myself, a few weeks ago ordering this Luna Twilight Femme Fatale lipgloss from ASOS. I must state now that I am neither for or against Twilight. I’ve seen the first Twilight film where I thought Rob Patz was very handsome and the girl in […]

Like shopping? Some Sale Bargains

How many things have I bought from the post Christmas sales? Nothing. Nada. I figured that if I didn’t need it pre Christmas, I probably don’t need it now. Besides, my New Years treat is this: Ignore the fact SJP has it. Its the YSL Besace Messenger Bag. LOVE! Nevertheless, if I were sale shopping […]

Back from hibernation & New Years Resolutions

It’s been quiet on the Candy front as I’ve been catching up on sleep. By catching up I mean 13 hours in bed, which I can conclude, makes me even more sleepy and ten times more groggy than my usual 4 hours! I’ve realised that with this weeks resting, that its important to have a […]

The blog recap for 2009! March

In March 2009… In March I got my paws on the fab Remington Spin Curl and two gorgeous Chanel Lip Colours (but the price! eek!) I went all Recessionista on you, and bought Primark make up – yes, Primark make up – did it stand up to the test? I spent money on a type […]

The blog recap for 2009! February, month of lurveeeee

In February 2009… I did a rather in detail comparison of the Guerlain Terracota powder eyeliners and the L’oreal HIP liners – ever tried powder liners? You should! I also compared some green lipglosses (can’t believe how rubbish my pictures used to be) – need to dig these out cos green lipgloss + pigmented lips […]

Why Bob, its the blog recap for 2009! January!

When I think back to January this year (2009) I had no idea how much things had progressed and changed. As always, I have a silly amount of content so I have decided to break down some of the best/favourite posts over this year and put them in recap form for you over the next […]

Merry Christmas To You!

Christmas Day is here! Happy Christmas to you! May you eat to excess and open lots of prezzies that don’t need to be sold on eBay. In seriousness, thank you for visiting my humble blog, thanks for commenting and sharing your views, however bizarre or humiliating, however digressive or non relevant. Your discussion and debates […]

Review: Youngblood Holiday Glam Set

I’ve never used Youngblood make up before receiving this Holiday Glam set to review: Youngblood Holiday Glam bag contains: 1. Vixen Lipstick (a red) 2. Truly Red Lip Liner Pencil 3. Venetian Sun Loose Blush (a light pink-gold type shade) Its a little unusual, I guess, to review a lipstick and blush from a Mineral […]

Let’s talk…..

Hey guys… I have had so many emails and comments lately that its been hard to keep up. That and many other things I have to take care of means I may have missed some of your emails, comments, requests… So let’s talk! If there’s a comment you think I didn’t answer, or an email […]

Review: Organix Self Heating Coconut Oil

I was sent this Organix Self Heating Coconut Oil hair treatment to test out a while ago. I am all for hair treatments for my dry, dry hair, so was mucho happy to test it out. I like the fact that the Organix range is paraben free and the shampoos are SLS free. Its also […]

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