Haul: Pick and Mix MAC Eyeshadows!

A good month ago, I had a little freak out and decided to buy 12 random MAC eyeshadows. I asked the lady on the phone to read some names out over the phone and I picked some that sounded good. Yes I really did this. What it is, I bought a cute 12 pan empty […]

What’s your dream skincare get up?

Every now and then I order some Japanese magazines to read – my favourites are Maquia, Voce and Biteki. This month they were pretty naff, but nevertheless I couldn’t help but start lusting over some pretty, pretty skincare after seeing their adverts. It got me thinking – what Skincare, if money were no object would […]

Crap Purfume Find of the Day: Ronan Keating ‘Hope’

I was browsing some discount perfume sites yesterday, looking for presents for people I don’t like but am obliged to buy for, and what do I see, but my ex-imaginary husband, Ronan Keating’s very own scent: I can’t take the mickey out of this hideously packaged scent too much because the proceeds of the sale […]

International Giveaway: Dogeared Make A Wish Necklace

Open to all readers, I have this beautiful Dogeared Make A Wish Sterling Silver necklace to giveaway, thanks to the lovely people at Accessories Online: Dogeared is one of my favourite jewellery brands. Its not super cheap, but its stylish, simple and each piece of jewellery carries some kind of meaning. If anyone is reading […]

Lashes, lashes, where for art thou?

Just when I thought my lash perm experience couldn’t get worse – it did. So there I was, innocently watching this god awful film, The Break Up, where Jennifer Anison plays Rachel from Friends and Vince Vaughn plays himself…and my eye begins to water a little. I give it a rub, just a gentle one, […]

My cat eats plastic

My cat eating plastic has nothing to do with this post, its just her hobby, ok? I just wanted to quickly tell you that: 1. Competition winners that have sent me addresses, thank you, your prizes will be sent out this week. 2. This week there are 3 giveaways, one for the UK only, one […]

Mud on your face? Moor Refining Face Mask Review

A good mask, these days is hard to find. Thats why I just keep a-lookin! I got this mud mask from Moor Body Care – I’ve tried a few read mud masks (where they are almost like gravel and peat) and have had varying results. This mask comes with a brush for application: They say: […]

Review: Korres Yoghurt Moisturizing Cream

This Yoghurt Cream from Korres has been in my drawer for a few months, and I’ve finally got round to doing a review. Korres is a medium-expensive skincare and cosmetic range from Greece. They have tons and tons of products for all kinds of skincare ailments. On paper it sounds like the dream cream – […]

Review: Titanic Spa Visit – The UKs first Eco Spa!

Last week me and the Mr paid a visit over the weekend to Titanic Spa to celebrate my Birthday! This was my first ever real Spa visit – I have had massages and treatments before at salons but have so far remained largely unimpressed. There is also a real lack of Spas up North – […]

10 Day Giveaway Winners!

Here are the 10 winners for the giveaways I ran last week. Winners please email me with your ADDRESS details by Friday. My email is – Rowena (@) cosmetic-candy.com Please put in the subject box: 10 DAY GIVEAWAY WINNER Did you win? Check after the jump! Day 1 – Jelly Pong Pong Brushes: Jade Clancy […]

Sleek MakeUP Graphite Palette Winners!

Thanks so much girls for entering the Graphite Palette Giveaway last week in conjunction with Sleek MakeUP. Winners please email me with your ADDRESS details by Friday. My email is – Rowena (@) cosmetic-candy.com Please put in the subject box: SLEEK MAKEUP WINNER Did you win? Check after the jump!

Swatch of the Day # 59: NYX Cream Blush in Red

What would you wear with this? Note: This image is part of the soon to be launched swatch gallery. Do not reproduce any of these images in any form for personal or commercial use without requesting permission. You can request usage by using the contact form.

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