UK Giveaway: Win Bionsen Goody Set to Stay Smellin’ Good!

Everyone stinks of OB (as my aunt calls it) sometimes. (For those who haven’t quite woken up yet, yes I do mean BO. Body Odour.) Three UK readers will win a set of 4 items: I am not a deodorant devotee basically because I find most of them too harsh on my pits, and I get a dry itchy rash whether its a spray or a roll on. However – I do use this range […]

International Giveaway: Dogeared Make A Wish Necklace

Open to all readers, I have this beautiful Dogeared Make A Wish Sterling Silver necklace to giveaway, thanks to the lovely people at Accessories Online: Dogeared is one of my favourite jewellery brands. Its not super cheap, but its stylish, simple and each piece of jewellery carries some kind of meaning. If anyone is reading this and fancies buying me some jewellery, make is this. Want to win this simple little stunna?

US Giveaway: Win Dr Perricone Advanced Eye Area Therapy worth $95

A treat to US readers – win a full size bottle of Advanced Eye Area Therapy worth $95 from NV Perricone. They say: This treatment is formulated with DMAE and Alpha Lipoic Acid to help prevent and correct the early signs of aging that appear around the delicate eye area, making us look older than we really are. Based in the US and want to win it?

Lashes, lashes, where for art thou?

Just when I thought my lash perm experience couldn’t get worse – it did. So there I was, innocently watching this god awful film, The Break Up, where Jennifer Anison plays Rachel from Friends and Vince Vaughn plays himself…and my eye begins to water a little. I give it a rub, just a gentle one, then dab away the moisture. And what do I see? My eyelashes. Lots of them. Little skinny black things, all […]

Bye Bye Racoon Eye: Naris Up Highlighting Crayon Review

Naris Up is one of those quirky little Japanese brands that releases a barrage on unrelated, unusual bits and bobs – this I like. I picked up this highlighting crayon from eBay for about £7 a month or two ago (have only just got round to the review….) I admit I was taken in by the pink pen applicator – ccuutttteeeee! The powder itself is a highlighting one for around and under the eyes (as […]

My cat eats plastic

My cat eating plastic has nothing to do with this post, its just her hobby, ok? I just wanted to quickly tell you that: 1. Competition winners that have sent me addresses, thank you, your prizes will be sent out this week. 2. This week there are 3 giveaways, one for the UK only, one for US only and to be fair, one is open internationally. 3. The blog posts may be a little sparse […]

Mud on your face? Moor Refining Face Mask Review

A good mask, these days is hard to find. Thats why I just keep a-lookin! I got this mud mask from Moor Body Care – I’ve tried a few read mud masks (where they are almost like gravel and peat) and have had varying results. This mask comes with a brush for application: They say: This luxury facemask is 100% natural. It contains purely the natural herbal moor from the heart of Europe. Independent analysis […]

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