Totally Indulgent: Whats on your Christmas List?

This is one of those totally rambling, self indulgent posts about what I’d like for Christmas…not that I’m hinting. As a gift giver – I am pretty damn good. Even with limited funds I tend to hone down on people, what I think they will like, what suits them, what would make them happy. I love giving presents (as long as I can pick them – quit telling me what you want, the exact shade […]

Haul & Review: Tiffa Still Keep Graduation Eyeliners

Tiffa is one of those more non-descript Japanese brands that doesn’t have a full range of cosmetics as such – just more bits and bobs. Mascaras. Bath products. Eyeshadows. Liners. Some glosses. And yet I have this soft spot of Tiffa because they have a brilliant Lip Balm (my cats nicked the lid and stuck their paw in mine – in the bin it went) and their old formula mascara and primer was wonderful. The […]

Review: Shu Uemura Nobara Cream Cover Stick Foundation

My name is Rowena and I am a foundation addict. Which is why despite buying 5 foundation this month I just had to buy the new Shu Uemura offering, the Nobara Cream Cover Stick Foundation: She Uemura base products I used and stopped using using many moons ago. Its nice stuff. Nice. Not as good as RMK. Better than a lot of other brands out there but not quite spectacular. The old Nobara foundation I […]

Birthday Stuff. Christmas Stuff. Random Stuff.

Just to say guys, thanks for bearing with me – the site technical issues should be over for now – if you do experience any bugs at all do let me know. My email is not behaving at all but you can leave me a comment here and I will check it as soon as I can. Next thing is, its my birthday today! I can’t tell you how much of a special day it […]

Natural Goodness: Too Faced Chocolate Galaxy Glam Shadows

I am a big big fan of the Too Faced Galaxy Glam Eyeshadows, which I think are better than the likes of MAC Mineralized shadow in terms of pigment and texture. They range is very bright and very bold though, so when I was in Boots the other day I noticed they had a muted selection of colours in the Galaxy Glam family! Cocoa and Mocha were from a range called the ‘Chocolate’ range. Amber […]

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