Monday Giveaway! Body Shop Pencils

It ocurred to me today that these giveaways should be called competitions – they are competitions, no? Anyway, this week’s prize is 5 – yes 5 Body Shop Metallic Eye Pencils and one of the Liquid Lip Colours in a gorgeous shimmery nude! To win, look after the jump!

Giveaway Winner & Other Stuff!

Hey hey!! How are you all doing? I have been ok, although my weekend has been hectic. My first (and only – for a while) blog sale will be up later on today 8pm GMT time (I think its about 3pm in New York – click HERE to see what time the blog sale will […]

Blog Sale Update….

Ok, I’m a dunce. I was up til 5.30am last night putting things I wanted to sell in the blog sale into a box and there’s quite a lot…so basically its not ready. I will work hard on it tonight and it will be ready tomorrow, for 8pm UK GMT time. I have written the […]

Skinfood Salmon Dark Circle Concealer and Brightening Powder

As regular readers will know, I am obsessed with Skinfood, a Korean brand that has lots of unusual make up and skincare combinations. Next up is the Salmon Dark Circle Concealer and Brightening Powder! According to some, the ideal shade of concealer is not yellow or beige for dark circles – its salmon. I generally […]

Beauty Find! Brush Stand & Washing Tool

I love browsing in bargain book stores – stationary and books must be two things that I just love to buy guilt free….its “educational”. I spotted these two in the bargain book store (The Works)- a brush drying tool for 99p and the brush washer for £1.99: It’s like getting a flat pack!: Read on!

Mini Haul: MAC Style Black Greasepaint Stick in Black


“Buy the Black Greasepaint stick from MAC!” shouted the voices in my head, so off I went to my local counter, where I stood aimlessly for 20 minutes, burning a hole into the SA’s head untill she served me. “Give me TWO!” I said. I don’t know why I let myself get swept away like […]


Enough is enough (says Mr Candy) it has to go. By IT he means the make up. I could cull 50% of my collection and it would barely make a dint in the products I have splurged on. What can I say? I *love* make up. So come ye, come ye, and check out my […]

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