Review: SANA Make Essence Eye and Lip Concealer

If you want the cutest make up around then you need, you absolutely need the range of concealers from SANA Make Essence. I am a big fan of SANA (a Japanese brand) because they release so many interesting little bits and pieces. SANA Make Essence has three products in its range now – the Eye Concealer (the bear) Pore Concealer (the seal) and now, an Eye and Lip concealer (Mr Croc): I have all three. […]

Random Find of the Day: Soak Washing Powder!

In a new series of random finds (I do, occasionally buy things other than make up, honestly, like bacon and books), I present to you today, SOAK – a clothing detergent (is that the right word?) that is very eco-friendly and great for delicate items. I got some sachets to try (£1.65 from here) – apparently you can just put your item in a bucket or sink or whatever, and put this stuff with it […]

Review & Swatch: Etude House Top Ten Tan Lip Glosses

Regular readers will know that I am obsessed at the moment with Korean cosmetics and skincare – this will be stalling for a while because of the postal strikes in the UK. I have noticed that post from Asia is taking twice as long and I get really agitated when my post doesn’t arrive. Sad, I know. Anyway I picked up these glosses from Etude House from eBay for £12 for the set (search for […]

Announcement – Blog Sale, Winner and Giveaway

Ok ladies. A few quickies 1. Boo Hiss All blog sale items have been sent out now (all that have been paid for) lets *pray* that Royal Mail won’t strike on Thursday and Friday as this will have a major effect on post, UK and International incoming and outgoing. 2. Let’s do it again, baby The blog sale has now been updated so you can clearly see what is left. Click here to see what […]

Dry your eyes, girls: Prescriptives Lustre Christmas 2009 Colour Collection

As many of you already know, Prescriptives will be bowing out shortly, after many years of loyal service. This collection will be the last one launched and its Limited Edition (obviously) for Christmas 2009 – Lustre: You like? If you love Prescriptives, now really is the time to figure out what you need to stock up on before they go. I am thinking about going down to get a few custom mixed lip glosses and […]

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