5 Beauty Brand Crushes I currently Have

When it comes to brand crushes, I have quite a few. Many of the brands I review on here, I generally like although I am always on the look out for new, exciting brands. It’s my blogging duty to test things out then report back to you, ain’t it?! I get obsessed, then I buy everything I want from the range and then get a bit bored…. So you bored of MAC yet? If so…… […]

Cat Disaster!

It’s Monday. How ya doin?! Me? Not so great. One of the many disasters I had this week is that my boy cat, who is desperate to be an extra in the next Jackie Chan movie decided that jumping from the floor to the top of a wardrobe is a good idea and came flying into my arm (it really hurt). What did I have in my hand at the time? An inferior cup of […]

Review: Pixi Smoky Eye Kit makes sultry eyes easy

I didn’t have much luck with the Cargo’s smoky eye kit so when I saw this one from Pixi for just £21, I had to have it! You get an eyeshadow – a quad almost because its got for dark tones in it, a double ended brush (shadow/liner) a gel liner and a mascara in a gift box. The size of the products (mascara and gel liner) I think are full sized – I know […]

Monday Giveaway: Frontcover Cosmetics Miniature Make Up Collection and Shadowline

You can’t beat a good giveaway and this week, even I am excited about the prize in hand! Remember Frontcover cosmetics? They did a range of palettes last year for Christmas which were exclusive to Boots. They were out at a time when everyone was going crazy for the 88 colour palettes and were hugely successful. Anyway, this yeah they have launched a whole range of really really sparkly, party like cosmetics in Boots (bargain […]

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