Recessionista Face: The £25 Face with Boots No. 17

So I have been getting quite a few emails from readers who want me to look at more affordable make up. Its a fair request – the lady (that’s me) does have rather expensive tastes in make up but of course, we all have different priorities and make up is unlikely to be near the top if you have bills to pay, kids to look after etc. etc. So I am doing a series of […]

Blog Sale Update….

Ok, I’m a dunce. I was up til 5.30am last night putting things I wanted to sell in the blog sale into a box and there’s quite a lot…so basically its not ready. I will work hard on it tonight and it will be ready tomorrow, for 8pm UK GMT time. I have written the blog sale rules, you can read them today if you prefer to save yourself the time tomorrow (see after the […]

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