Review: Cargo OneBase Concealer & Foundation in One!

A few weeks ago I noticed that there was a sale on the Cargo counter in my local supermarket (yes they sell Cargo!). I haven’t opened the products I bought yet….but we’ll ignore that. Today I am looking at one of the things I bought – the OneBase concealer and foundation in one! I paid about £6.50 for this (half price). There are only 4 shades, I chose shade 3 – the others were too […]

Review: Etude House Nail Cuticle Refresh Scrub & Massage

I told you I am obsessed with buying Korean branded make up at the moment, right? Well post if finally returning to normal and I got a really cute little haul – Etude House Cuticle Refresh: I paid around £3.60 (inc. shipping) for this nifty contraction! Its basically a massage product for the nails. Its cleans and leaves the nail looking smoother and brighter: The head of the product is a plastic scrub thing! Read […]

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