Review & Swatches: Dior Night Butterfly Quint Palette

I’m a bit late with this one, but I got my paws on the beautiful Dior Night Butterfly Quint, that is part of the fall Jazz Club collection. Dior Quints > Chanel Quads. If you know what I mean. I love purples and they suit me but for some reason I am always drawn to greens instead. This quint comes with a mixture of black, purples and lilacs in the usual pretty palette: See swatches […]


Enough is enough (says Mr Candy) it has to go. By IT he means the make up. I could cull 50% of my collection and it would barely make a dint in the products I have splurged on. What can I say? I *love* make up. So come ye, come ye, and check out my first (and possibly last) Blog Sale: I set a date, otherwise I will never get round to it. Is there […]

The News Page, Giveaway and Nails!

Can you believe its October? Have you achieved all you wanted to this year? I had many rants to post about this week, but I’ve realised that ranting only leads to more ranting, until one is so ranted out, that there is nothing left of oneself but a puddle of angst. So I will refrain. Instead, let me draw your attention to the new… News Page This is a quick place to go to to […]

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