Swatch of the Day # 16: NYX Cream Blusher in Hot Pink

A true bright hot pink, a super creamy soft texture. Highly pigmented. What would you wear this with? Note: This image is part of the soon to be launched swatch gallery. Do not reproduce any of these images in any form for personal or commercial use without requesting permission. You can request usage by using the contact form.

Review: Cargo SmokyEye Kit for…well, Smoky Eyes

In my local Sainsburys (that’s a supermarket by the way, my international pals), I spied a Cargo counter, but never bought anything even though I like the look of the range. Something about buying Sainsbury’s Value Baked Beans for 20p alongside a £20 foundation just didn’t seem to match up for me. Then one day – TA DA! 50% sale. I made a killing – will review what I got bit by bit. One of […]

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