Banana Mascara Review: Skinfood Long Lash Curl Mascara

When I mentioned this Banana mascara a few days ago, a few people asked “Did you say Banana Mascara?” Yes I did, and here it is! This product is by Skinfood, a Korean brand I am very fond of because they have good products and really interesting food/skincare combos. The Salmon concealer. The Garlic face cream. The Cheese face mask. See how the banana curveeesss? Well that is what this mascara is supposed to do […]

Swatches: Too Faced French & Fabulous Palette

Oooh look what I picked up…this rather lovely paletted from Too Faced, called French and Fabulous: I usually hate cardboard container type palettes but lately I’ve been looking for good value sets and basically products that I can apply…well, on the way to work. It contains 6 shadows and 2 bronzers – see after the jump to see a swatch!