You Tube, on Youuuuu Tubeeeeee

I am considering making You Tube videos, for realz.  If I do it though, I will have to do it properly but I am not sure how popular videos really are.  At the moment I convert some of my tutorials into videos but I don’t really feature myself.  What do you think guys? Should I take the plunge and do reviews and tutorials on You Tube? Pros: Large Audience, Can insult more directly, with immediacy […]

Swatch of the Day # 13: Bobbi Brown Blusher Desert Rose and Pale Pink Duo

A soft neutral brown matte pink and a medium toned blue based pink. What would you wear this with? Note: This image is part of the soon to be launched swatch gallery. Do not reproduce any of these images in any form for personal or commercial use without requesting permission. You can request usage by using the contact form.

Homemade Beauty Series: Loved MAC Naked Honey Salve? Make your own!

If there is one collection MAC released that I liked a lot it was the Naked Honey collection. I did miss out on the Salve because you hoarders out there bought them all before I had the chance too…tut. But when I can’t get hold of something what do I do? I steal make it! Let’s get started after the jump!

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