Review: Bésame Enchanting Lipstick in Debutante Pink

It’s almost criminal to buy your first lipstick from Bésame and not choose one of their stunning hot reds, but I was in a sensible mood for once. Here is my first every Bésame lipstick in Debutante Pink (which on the swatch looked like the most natural pink…. Let’s get the size thing out of the way – these lipsticks are Retro and Vintage = Teeny. It makes my already large hands look (as my […]

Review: Urban Decay Ink For Eyes Cream Eyeliners

Urban Decay have just launched these Ink For Eyes Cream Eyeliners in the UK – five shades (we are missing Pyrotechnic, a sparkly white which the US ladies have). Check out the imagery, which is super hot: It’s make up like that makes me want to walk around with my eyes closed…. Here are my beauties! The most obvious things about this is the unusual shape of the packaging (reminds me of Bourjois Ombre Streettccchhh […]

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