NEW! EXCLUSIVE! Swatch of the Day No. 1: Illamasqua Victory Shimmer Nail Polish Swatch

Beginning today its the new Swatch of the Day series to celebrate the glory of the swatch! My goal is to produce swatches of items that are harder to find on the net and product high quality, clear, studio quality swatches. What good is a swatch you can’t even see, right? A labour of love or a pain in the ass? Like a newborn baby, it has been both. Until everything is ready, I shall […]

Review: Nude Skincare Cleansing Facial Oil

Cleansing Oil? Been there done that. Name the brand and I’ve tried it. I began with Shu Uemura’s Cleansing Oil many moons ago and went through the various types they have (Green Tea is the nicest) then on to DHC and Fancl, then my current favourite RMK. Inbetween, other brands (many Japanese ones, plus some western brands such as Laura Mercier) decided to join the cleansing oil club. The original idea belongs to Shu Uemura […]

The Body Shop Love Etc. Purfume or Eau De Parfum, if you are posh

The Body Shop kindly sent me a bottle of their new scent (more about this later) called Love Etc. but I keep calling it Love Actually… Advertising for Love Etc. or the new Bewitched video?* *Click here at your peril. I won’t pay medical bills for bleeding ears. I am no good at dissecting scents, but I can tell you if I like something or not. When I am on the perfume counter I spritz, […]

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