Review: Coffret D’or Mix Essence Rouge Lip Gloss

I couldn’t resist these super pretty Coffret D’or Mix Essence Rouge Lip Glosses! They are sparkly and have a two tiered effect going on. I bought two colours, red and brown as they seemed the most pigmented: How long will these lipglosses remain looking separated? Well I hope quite long, because that’s reason I bought them! Brown 08:

The Ejaculating Foundation: YSL Perfect Touch

I had a major buying something for no good reason at all day, when I brought home YSL’s offering, the Perfect Touch Foundation. It comes with an attached brush, you see, and I am a sucker for ‘on the go’ type products. I am waiting for the brush to start stinking the way that the brush on Touche Eclat does – that awful, putrid vinegar smell….anyway, I know what you’re thinking. An ejaculating foundation? Well […]

Review: Lavshuca Mix Eyes Eyeshadow Palette Autumn 2009

Lavshuca by Kanebo, is one of the reasons why I fell so hard in love with make up, yet the brand has been missing the point, so to speak, for quite a few seasons. I have skipped a lot of the last few collections because they looked repetitive and somewhat dull. But hey! The new palettes for Autumn sure look pretty: I choose BU-1 which I paid about £10 for from Adambeauty: There’s no doubt […]

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