Review: Shiseido Perfect Mascara is Conceited

Even if you’re not getting bored with my search for the perfect mascara, I certainly am. I must have about 35 mascaras now, all that I have bought with hard earned moolah, all with varying results, from: URGH! to MEH! to HMM to AWWW. I actually got a little sample size of Shiseido’s latest offering, Perfect Mascara thus saving myself money (Why didn’t I think of asking for samples from the counters before? Oh, because […]

Winner Announcement & Monday Giveaway: Warm Browns Canvas Boots No. 7 Palette

Roll Up, Roll Up! It’s a dreary Monday and we need a boost! This week its a second Palette from the Limited Edition Boots Collection in Canvas, a warm neutral brown palette. I reviewed the range here and I LOVED it. Completely practical and wearable. Firstly, last weeks winner (who wins the smoky version of this palette) is….

New! New! New! New! New!

Two new things that will be happening on the blog: a. I will do a weekly catch up, random post for free chatting about anything at all and just to let you know what is coming up on the blog and b. There will be a new daily post featuring a random swatch. We will call this Random Swatch. (P.S. The Hello Kitty was just a bribe to get you to read this post.)

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