Review: Elf Studio Range; Brow Gel, Complexion Perfection & Eyeshadow Stick

Imitation…is the sincerest form of flattery, they say. I say poppycock. But since there are no laws against imitation, I guess we have no choice but to be flattered by those who copy…let’s say they were ‘inspired by’, instead. So I bought a few things from the Elf Studio range. ELF STUDIO was INSPIRED BY […]

Review: Boots No. 7 Limited Edition Palettes Stone & Canvas

Boots No. 7 has brought out two limited edition palettes for Autumn, in Stone & Canvas – two large, cardboard palettes that come with 4 complimentary shades and a soft pencil for £14.00 each. A few key things here: 1. I hate boxy cardboard packaging, without exception. 2. Boots No. 7 is hit or miss. […]

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