Randomosity: My new Shu Uemura Palette

Shu Uemura brought out a large palette costing £25 which takes 36 shadows or 18 blushers. My Shu Shadows don’t get much love so I decided to pick out my favs and put them in my big palette. Here it is: Notice the colors with a dip in them are the metallic shades from the older formula (before it got a nice posh, sturdy thick case). They are delicious, the best shadows in the world, […]

Sneak Peek: Illamasqua Dystopia Collection Swatches at Cosmetic Candy

Illamasqua will be launching their newest collection, Dystopia for Autumn/Winter – I had a little sneek peak of it today and its is a vivid and rather stunning collection of silvers, pinks and greys. I kept thinking of the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz and giant cherries….but I’m weird. By the way, Dystopia means a vision of society that is oppressed, miserable, poor, suffering….see Metropolis by Fritz Lang. Oh Media Studies A-Level, how […]

Monday Giveaway: No. 7 Limited Edition Quad Smoky Eyes in Stone

I’ve got a gorgeous palette for you this week! It’s a Boots No. 7 Palette, Limited Edition with four shades and an eyeliner in the quad. It is seriously the nicest No. 7 Palette I have ever tried. The pans are HUGE, the eyeliner is nice and all of the colors are very very soft and pigmented. Madly exciting colors? No. But they are ones you will use every day without fretting: Check out my […]

FOTD: Inspired Snow Leopard

Snow Leopard, come to mama! At just £25 to upgrade, the latest OS X operating system is a little bit of a rip off seeing as I a. Got Leopard as a gift at Xmas, costing £80 and b. People in the US are paying $29 for it. That makes me think it should be more like £18 in the UK, not £25. But I digress. Snow Leopards aren’t actually very white, more light grey […]