Banana Mascara Review: Skinfood Long Lash Curl Mascara

When I mentioned this Banana mascara a few days ago, a few people asked “Did you say Banana Mascara?” Yes I did, and here it is! This product is by Skinfood, a Korean brand I am very fond of because they have good products and really interesting food/skincare combos. The Salmon concealer. The Garlic face cream. The Cheese face mask. See how the banana curveeesss? Well that is what this mascara is supposed to do […]

Swatches: Too Faced French & Fabulous Palette

Oooh look what I picked up…this rather lovely paletted from Too Faced, called French and Fabulous: I usually hate cardboard container type palettes but lately I’ve been looking for good value sets and basically products that I can apply…well, on the way to work. It contains 6 shadows and 2 bronzers – see after the jump to see a swatch!

Your Parcel Has Been Dispatched!

Hi Ladies If you left a comment or emailed my for a goody bag and have paid for the shipping today (29th September) or earlier, then your bag is packaged up and ready to go tomorrow. UK ladies, fingers crossed you will get yours by Friday. International Ladies, shipping CAN take up to 28 days but realistically, you should get it in 10 days. Let me know what you think once you get it! I […]

I found a HG Review: Giorgio Armani Micro Fil Powder

My skin has been horribly dry and crusty for a while (switching skincare around – again) so I have been scouring the forums, looking for the must have powder. I have found that Armani’s Micro Fil Powder has had consistently good reviews so I bought it for around £28 (I think it was, I remember thinking – how much!?). Here it is: On the counter I only saw three shades, 0, 1 and 2 so […]

Tuesday Competition! Boots No. 7 for Todd Lynn look for London Fashion Week

This week, you can win four brand new products to create this wonderful look that Boots No. 7 created for the Todd Lynn show at London Fashion Week: What will you win? See after the jump!

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