Review: Haircut with Jamie Stevens at Errol Douglas

This post has taken a while because I am pretty terrible at styling my hair so haven’t been able to get a decent photograph for this it (see at the end of the post…) Anyway, whilst I was in London in what feels like an age ago, I went to the very posh Errol Douglas Hair Salon (Cosmetics a la Carte is next door!) in Knightsbridge, dah-ling, for a hair cut with Jamie Stevens: Jamie […]

Lash Haul Prawn: Girls with attitude Lashes

Because we don’t want the wrong kind of crowd hanging out here, we have Lash Haul PRAWNS (not Porn….damn, I said it). I am getting better with my lash application (honest) so check out my new haul (I will use them in my next look) from Girls with Attitude (from Asos): I hope these don’t end up being a tear stained, glue smothered mess like my other lashes:

Review & Swatches: Lumiere Cosmetics Pigments and Eyeshadows

I love digging out little new brands from all over the world – makes a change to always talking about the big boys. Lumiere Cosmetics from the US has a nice little selection of eyeshadows and pigments, mineral foundation, blushers etc. I got a few bits, starting with the pressed shadows are a real stand out to me – very very soft and pigmented – I got plum and green ($9 each): I also got […]

Review: A visit to Jinny Rainbow, the glittery tattoos!

With the kids holidays, I decided to take my two cousins to Jinny Rainbow, who has two concessions where I live, located in Selfridges. Jinny Rainbow is essentially a way to get a glitter tattoo that can last up to 7 days on the skin – you pick a design (or you can mix a few) and the Jinny lady applies the glitter in the color of your choice to make up the design. Its […]

Review: Estee Lauder TurboLash Vibrating Mascara

I love technology. I love progress, that’s why, I love seeing how the world changes. Whilst my friends carried around mobiles that resembled bricks “I just wanna make calls, innit“, I had the smallest, swishy ones – not to show off but because I like itty bitty multi tasking gadgets. I also love justifying crazy make up purchases because I’m a beauty blogger. Could I say now to a crazy purchase (A £28 mascara! Eek!) […]