Monday Giveaway: Dove Spa Delicacy Eye Balm

A bit of skincare for you this week… a gorgeous Eye Balm from Dove Spa…comes in fancy packaging and everything. If you haven’t tried Dove Spa before, you must, its a really nice range. Delicacy Eye Balm is great for people with sensitive, dry skins: Is an easily absorbed, fragrance-free balm specifically formulated to care […]

Rimmel is redesigned for Japan!

Rimmel (which to be honest I don’t use) have launched in Japan, using the startled Ayumi Hamasaki as their spokesperson: How do they manage to open the eyes so much with cosmetic surgery? Isn’t it risky? Anyway, the range Rimmel have released in Japan look way nicer than what we have here…

Changes to Cosmetic Candy

Argh. It’s Sunday already. I want to stick my finger through my eyeball. But let’s be positive! Want to alert you to some new features and buttons that you may have noticed. Introducing the C-Box! This is a chat box/message board – sometimes I miss comments or I don’t get a chance to reply because […]

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