Review: Biore Marshmallow Whip Face Wash

I love buying cleansers, I do, but its hard to find something thats effective but also gentle. I find a lot of cleansers really strip the skin and as a result, I get oily quicker as my skin over compensates. As a quick cheapy purchase I got this Biore Marshmallow Whip Face Wash for about £7 – yep, I like Marshmallows!

Haul at the Nars Counter! Belize Lipgloss, Tuomota Multiple & Sex Machine!

Pay day usually means a few treats that have been on my mind for a while, and where better to spend than on the Nars counter! I pretty much nearly everything from Nars, but decided to buy three bits: I have always wanted the PERFECT nude mauve lips – I got the Velvet Matte Pencil in Sex Machine, Lip Gloss in Belize and Multiple in Tuomota, which is a bronzer matte orange-less brown that is […]

Review: Babyliss Quick Lift Rollers

I am a sucker for hair tools, so when I saw these rollers on Amazon for £18, I had to get them – Quick lift rollers are just that – made to add volume and lift to the hair. You only get 5 rollers and 5 metal pins because these aren’t made to create curl – this is only for volume. Why, couldn’t we just use a traditional roller set…well, yes. The USP here I […]

Monday Giveaway: Rimmel 15 Shadow Palette

This weeks competition is for a double tiered Rimmel Palette, which has 15 eyeshadows, 2 cheek colours and a face powder, and four cream lip colours: Doesn’t do it justice, the shadows are very shimmery and metallic. To win, leave a comment: Last week was super rubbish for me, but I know that all things, good and bad are fleeting. When you are feeling down what…

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