Move over Jo Malone: The Ceremony of Bathing by Abahna

Baths? Where I’m going I don’t need baths. Well actually, it’s because I don’t have a bath. Well I do have a bath but I don’t trust baths. How do I know someone else’s skin cells aren’t stuck on there?! I treated myself to some lovely goodies from Abahna, which has some very posh looking goodies for bathtime. Since I don’t have baths, I bought the himalayan salt scrub (£23) and in White Grapefruit & […]

Orissa: Mineral Make Up for Dark Skinned Women

I may not be a major mineral make up user, but I do get emails from ladies with black or Asian skintones that can’t find make up for their colouring. Enter Orissa, a UK based mineral make up company that caters for darker skintones. They are paraben free – the foundation range is up and there will be blushers and eyeshadows although there aren’t that many shades to choose from as yet. Obviously even lighter […]

Fruit Bowl Beauty: Skinfood Lip & Cheek Fruit Colors

I did a bit of Skinfood hauling on eBay (you may have noticed) and I bought these cheek and lip colours. I was only going to buy one but…instead I ended up buying all of them. THE COLOURS ARE REALLY DIFFERENT, OK!? Each colour is made for lip and cheek, comes in a small tin and each one has a particular scent depending on its fruity flavour and the colours are just gorgeous! A rosy […]

Thursday Giveaway: No. 7 Metallic Eye Pencils & more

This week, you can win: No. 7 Extreme Length Mascara, Stay Perfect Dual Ended Lip Colour in Perfect Pink and 2 Metallic Eye Pencils (as soft as Urban Decay!) in Gold and Blue. To win, leave a comment telling me: What site were you on before you came on Cosmetic Candy and where will you be headed next? Me: Very boring, I was on Flickr sorting out my images and my next stop is Amazon […]

Beauty Experiment: Using Chizu Saeki’s Japanese Skincare Techniques

I reviewed The Japanese Skincare Revolution by Chizu Saeki a few days ago – I think its a wonderful book, and I’ve decided to use her techniques for a month to see if it improves my skin. (You can buy the book here). I have chosen skincare from products I already own and that I think would be suitable, from Shiseido and Nars (Nars skincare is developed in the Shiseido lab). My Current Skin… …is […]

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