Addiction by Ayako looks de-licious

I noticed Addiction, a new brand by make up artist Ayako in my copy of Voce Magazine. I knew she was very familiar then I realised I had seen her from afar during a demo – she is/was (?) a Nars girl for 14 years. One word: HAWT.* I am actually sat here with tingles because after the Illamasqua followed by Rouge Bunny Rouge brand swooning, this is the first new range to hit me […]

Lady Gaga Neons: Cosmetics a la Carte Lip Gloss & Flush Blush

Ever found a to die for shade that you just can’t get out of your head? Its ok, you think, I’ll find a cheaper dupe somewhere else, there has to be one somewhere… Sometimes you find the dupe, sometimes you don’t. I admit, I am somewhat rubbish at looking for dupes – if a shade or product wows me (and that doesn’t happen often) then its probably something quite special. I was determined to find […]

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