Review: Aube Couture Designing Lip Gloss PK906

I was suckered in by the pretty pretty packaging of this Aube Couture lipgloss so I made my first purchase from this range, in PK906, the most pigmented and darkest shade of the range. Aube Couture is a range that is terribly safe – I imagine its a range that would appeal a lot to the average woman – perfect natural shades for work and for a laid back elegant look. A bit boring for […]

Birthday Special: 5 Mascaras that hurt if you poke yourself in the eye

The first ever post I wrote was entitled ‘A Poke in the Eye’ inspired by the Bourjois Disco something or another mascara. At the time it was no joke – it hurt. I poke myself in the eye quite often, but my excuse is that my lashes are short, therefore I am always dealing with an area just a teeny weeny bit close to my eyeball. Other reasons include: 1. A cat walking into my […]

Birthday Giveaway!

I have been too busy to do a giveaway this week but here it is! This week you can win a RMK palette! It consists of 3 cream shadows, 2 cream blushers and 3 lip glosses. It comes in a cute compact with a RMK lettering design and a pink pouch. I can’t believe its only been a year on WordPress & my own domain. The blog is completely growing from strength to strength, so […]

Happy Birthday Cosmetic Candy!

Oh my goodness! I have just realised, with an email demanding payment for domain renewal, that Cosmetic Candy hit its first Birthday on 19th July! For the long time followers, this blog began is ‘Mostly Makeup’ on Blogger where it lived for about 6 months, until I decided I wanted to completely control the presentation and content of the blog. Surely this calls for some kind of celebration?! But what?…..

Review: Bare Minerals Beauty Oasis Eyeshadow Set

I don’t own very much from bareMinerals and to be honest, I prefer pressed powder everything over loose – generally speaking. However I am a lover of green so bought myself this set called Beauty Oasis: So for £24 you get 3 eyeshadows – so thats £8 each. Not particularly cheap, not madly expensive. The idea with this bareMinerals sets is that you have a guide as to how to apply it: There are 3 […]

Cute Haul of the day: Care Bear Stare!

We’re you a fan of the Care Bears? I was – my favourite was Wish A Lot Bear (the green one): When in reality, Grumpy is more my style: I saw this cute lipbalm and had to have it – its raspberry flavoured: The lipbalm compact is actually quite big – about 3 inches across. The lipbalm is nothing special – but I figured I could try using it up, if its no good I […]

Finally – a tear proof liquid eyeliner? Ishizawa Tearbaby Eyeliner

I’m not a cry baby – I have an innate fear/hatred of cry babies. You know the ones that cry at anything and everything – then someone dies on a soap opera – when they trap a finger nail – when they’ve run out of chocolate bourbons at Tesco. Although I am not a cry baby I do have very very watery eyes. I was rather excited when I saw this liquid eyeliner by Ishizawa […]

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