Review: Wilkinson Sword Quattro Razor

Something a bit different for you today! I picked up this Wilkinson Sword razor at Boots when it was half price (about £6.50 I think). One side is a razor one side is a electrical trimmer: It uses one AAA battery. Well the razor side is excellent – I have to say I am very […]

What’s coming up?

I have been a sick puppy this week hence the lack of posts! But I am gathering strength to tell you there’s loads of new goodies I finally got round to opening and testing – reviews coming up – plus a few tutorials. Next week is a hair tools special – a review a day […]

Why hello! Nars Fall 2009 Collection…in July…

Nars is of course, one of my original loves and lookey here! Over at, the fall collection is out and even though I hate deathly dark lipsticks, this look looks stunning: Gawd. That’s just perfection, isn’t it? The lipstick is a deep sheer mulberry is called fast ride. There are 3 new duos: Silk […]

Competition Winners!

Winner of the Sleek Palette is no. 18 – JJ: Winner of Barielle is no. 20 – Kimberley: Please send me your name and address info: Rowena AT cosmetic – Thanks to all entrants, I enjoyed reading your answers!

Review: Method Hand Wash

Sorry Sorry Sorry ladies for my lack of posting these last few days, tis not like me at all but I have been unwell and barely able to function never mind do some posts. I have bags of gorgeous cosmetics to show you and I haven’t even had the strength to open them yet – […]

Review: Merlin Raspberry Sealer for the Hair

It’s a good job I occasional read instructions. When I got this Raspberry Sealer hair product I presumed it was for styling, but silly me – its a sealer! You use it after washing your hair, leave for 1 – 5 mins, so a bit like a conditioner, but its not. Its a balancing sealer […]

Review: Dove Spa In My Defence Anti Pollution Fluid

The truth is my favourite day creams do not contain SPFs and sometimes I am just to lazy to apply it on top of my cream. Too many layers of grease… So I am on the lookout for super light SPF that can work with my creams and serums that don’t have SPF included. Step […]

Haul: Jelly Pong Pong

After my experience with the £10 goody bag from ASOS, I decided the Jelly Pong Pong was not just a cutesy gimmick but had some really funky goodies to offer. HAUL TIME! The Teint Sublime (£18.00) comes in a cool zip up box – I got pink but there are a few shades to choose […]

Review: Vanilla Scented Xen-Tan!

Everywhere I looked (well ok, Selfridges beauty hall) I kept seeing the name Xen-Tan…so of course I had to try it out. The thing with fake tan is that every week there’s a new one…every one making the same old promises. Not orange. Non streaky. Not smelly. Most lie. I am not a fake tan […]

Review: Divaderme Lash Extender Lashes in a Bottle

The idea of using loose fibers to ‘bulk up’ the lashes is nothing new – Make Up Forever and Tweezerman, for example make a whitish powder that you apply to the lashes. My experience with loose fibers is usually so-so. For one thing, my eyes are sensitive so applying pure fibers is like pouring malt […]

Monday Giveaway! Two Prizes! Sleek Safari Palette & Barielle Shades of Summer Polishes

This week, there are 2 prizes and I will pick two separate winners (obviously). 1st Prize: Sleek Safari Palette – this is a really lovely palette, all the colours are nice and pigmented. You will get a brand new, boxed one! 2nd Prize: Grape Escape & Lemon Drops from Barielle Shades of summer – gorgeous […]

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