Review: Integrate Shiseido Double Impact Liner – hmmmm

When I saw this Integrate Double Impact Liner, I was dying for it. This has a liner on one end and a silver liner/shadow on the other. There is also a brown/black variation: Eventually it came up at a decent price, so I was all over it!: Integrate is such a hit and miss brand. Their mascara is WONDERFUL. Their eyeshadow palettes – well it depends. Their blushers – meh. The black liner side is […]

Did you see?

Psstttt. I don’t do these posts very often but as I am going to recouperate this weekend, I wanted to share with you 10 posts you definitely need to read to get to know this blog! 1. The day I got fluttery lashes 2. You ready for yellow lipstick? 3. When I get bored, I depot! 4. When I overcame my fear of the dentist! 5. When I got curly hair the lazy bum way […]

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