Review: Aube Couture Designing Lip Gloss PK906

I was suckered in by the pretty pretty packaging of this Aube Couture lipgloss so I made my first purchase from this range, in PK906, the most pigmented and darkest shade of the range. Aube Couture is a range that is terribly safe – I imagine its a range that would appeal a lot to the average woman – perfect natural shades for work and for a laid back elegant look. A bit boring for […]

Birthday Special: 5 Mascaras that hurt if you poke yourself in the eye

The first ever post I wrote was entitled ‘A Poke in the Eye’ inspired by the Bourjois Disco something or another mascara. At the time it was no joke – it hurt. I poke myself in the eye quite often, but my excuse is that my lashes are short, therefore I am always dealing with an area just a teeny weeny bit close to my eyeball. Other reasons include: 1. A cat walking into my […]

Revealed! Beauty Invention

Last week I asked you to guess that this was… It is… A two sided mirror which is supposed to make application of eye make up easier (check the results from the side etc.) Do I find it useful? Absolutely not!

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