Finally – a tear proof liquid eyeliner? Ishizawa Tearbaby Eyeliner

I’m not a cry baby – I have an innate fear/hatred of cry babies. You know the ones that cry at anything and everything – then someone dies on a soap opera – when they trap a finger nail – when they’ve run out of chocolate bourbons at Tesco. Although I am not a cry baby I do have very very watery eyes. I was rather excited when I saw this liquid eyeliner by Ishizawa […]

Must Study Harder!: Tisserand Concentrate Roll On Remedy

If there’s one thing I am lacking these days its concentr The thing is, essential oils have been used for years for ‘feel good’ therapy. Do you use essential oils? I use a lot of products that just happen to include essential oils and when I smell one that I do like, it makes me feel happy. I think. Tisserand has a range of roll-on remedies made of essential oils. I got Concentrate cos remember […]

A square mascara brush?! No. 7 Extravagant Mascara

When I saw this mascara brush I was excited…very excited…a square brush! Say it with me… I – AM – A – ROBOT. Boots No. 7′s new mascara launch for August the 12th is Extravagant Lashes Mascara (in Black, Black/Brown and Blut). The brush is interesting! This mascara promises a dramatic curling effect for up to 8 hours and volume. Voila!: Hmm the brush sure looks more exciting when its pink. The test! My eye […]

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