My Stash – updated

I did a post on my stash a while ago but I noticed the photos are missing from it because the stupid hosts I moved from *A Small Orange – cough* lost a large portion of my image files. And I had deleted them from my PC. So I decided to do another post on it and my collection. You will note that I am: 1. Messy 2. Fairly disorganised and scatty 3. Obsessive Its […]

Better than GHDs? Road testing the Nicky Clarke DesiRED Straightener

So the blurb for this straightener says that they are better than GHDs. That is the ultimate right? I bought many many pairs of straighteners before spending £100 on GHDs and yes, so far they are the best. The main thing I find with GHDs is that once my hair is straight it will STAY like that whereas with all other brands, my hair will kink as the day goes on. In the US they […]

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