Hey, did you notice?

I seem to have gone into over drive with posts as swine flu takes over my body – may as well leave something semi useful on this earth, right? Anyway the boyf decided Cosmetic Candy needed to produce a make up template for people to download cos he remembers how I used to nag about how hard it was to find a one. If you take a look at the second sidebar, the downloadable template […]

My new eye make up remover crush by Boots Botanics

I am super fussy about my eye make up removers, and not by choice. I wear super long wearing eyeliner and mascara which is difficult to get off. What can I say? I have watery eyes. There are 2 eye make up removers I like (and I really have tried them all, high end and low end) – Kose Softymo (which is my HG) and Lancome Bi-Facial (but its too expensive). So I was excited […]

Review: MAC Colorcraft, Dazzleglass and some other rubbish

Gah! I don’t get the obsession with MAC most of the time – the packaging doesn’t change except for a few vinyl stickers, the colours always look the same to me even when they are supposed to be part of a new range, there’s no (or shall I say slow) innovation in terms of texture and finish, there’s 1028458289342983 new launches a year of the same old same old, their sales assistants are the surliest […]

Review: Coffret D’or Full Keep Gel Liner in PK03 and DB04

Have you met Coffret D’or (must remember where to put the apostrophe) yet? The Japanese brand by Kanebo replaced my beloved T’estimo a while back and although I have several of their palettes, lipsticks and blushers, we are still only acquaintances. I love Gel liners though. Booby Brown does the sensible colours the best but what about the sparkly fun ones? Coffret D’or has two from the new colours: DB04 is a dark navy with […]

Make your Make up Stay!: No Fade Privacy Make Up Protector

The one thing that I find difficult to keep on all day is my make up – foundation specifically. Maybe its because I rub my face a lot, but either way, it goes a bit oily, a bit blotchy on me. I just had to buy this face mist by Japanese brand, Privacy (a offshoot of Kokuryudo). I have tried their curl keeper product in the past, which was horrible and nearly blinded me (well….temporarily). […]

Review: Susan Posnick Color Essential Mineral Lipsticks are juicy!

A girl can never have too many lip sticks and she can never have to many cotton pads. Its a fact. Susan Posnick’s ColorFlo Mineral Foundation shocked me by how efficient it was (and I am one of those who still don’t 100% love mineral make up just yet). Then I got my paws on the Color Essential Moisturizing Lip Colours. I got Dubai (nude) and South Beach (peach): Nothing interesting about the box anyway. […]

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