Instant Mistake Removal – DHC Wipe Off Pencil

Put your paw up if you smudge your make up sometimes…yep I see a lorra paws. I make mascara smudges a lot (short lashes = mascara mistakes) so I bought this DHC Wipe Off Pencil for $9.99. It comes in a chubby stick, with the eraser on one side and the sponge on the other. It’s a creamy waxy pencil which is clear: So, here is one of my rather regular mascara mistake – d’oh. […]

Lancome Haul: Erika F & Ombre Absolute Palette in G20

I did some hauling last week on the Lancome counter in Selfridges – I only wanted Erika F, that beautiful sparkly gunmetal shadow from the counter but a rather good make up artist called Jay did a nice look on me so I bought a quad too: The Quad is new out and exclusive to Selfridges for a month. There were three combinations, a green based one and typical smokey grey/black one and G20, the […]

Review: Chanel Enthusiast Red Rouge Allure Lipstick – London Madness

I was looking out for a true, gorgeous red which was wearable enough for the day. The ultimate lipstick….Chanel Rouge Allure can’t be too far off. So I had a photo of a red I liked that a model was wearing in a magazine. I approach the Chanel counter. “Hi, I’m looking for a red like this.” “It’s not one of our reds…is it?” “No, I don’t think so but I am just looking for […]