New Product: Illamasqua Powdered Metals – Bebhionn

So last week my mama called to say I had a mysterious package in a black envelope at home. Black envelopes = Illamasqua…but I hadn’t ordered anything. Turns out to be a lovely surprise as Illamasqua sent me one of their new Powdered Metals (released officially on the 13th July). When I heard powdered metals I presumed they were for the eyes but these are actually more all rounders – hair, skin, eyes, face. There […]

My Current Skin Care Regime

I just thought I’d share the product I am currently using. I test out a lot – and I mean a lot of skincare – from all kinds of companies and price ranges. At the moment this is what is working for me. My skin has been dry and sensitive, so although I love the idea of using Anti-Ageing products, I also need them to be quite natural. I also rotate but like I said, […]

Primark Staff Rant on Facebook, Queues continue to Grow

I read a piece today on that high class rag, The News of The World about Primark, you know the shop I love to hate and their staff posting abuse about their customers. Article is here. Example: Meanwhile a women’s department assistant moans at “hefty” shoppers who need to “lose some f****** weight” instead of insisting they are a 16 “when they are obviously a 22 or 24″. They of course did it on a […]

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