Kill my lemming? Le Métier de Beauté

Damn. I said I wouldn’t buy any more make up this month (its been a lorra haulin’) but whilst browsing the Liberty website, I have decided that I NEED this set by Le Métier de Beauté – Emerald Isle. Could a girl who loves green ask for more? But wait. It costs a whopping £65. Actually, let’s be fair – its a very exclusive brand and it works out about £16-ish a shadow – like […]

Dry hands? Try Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer By Surya

I went through this phase, when everyone was all about the gnarly germs we spread, of being addicted to hand sanitizer. The sprays, the gels, I couldn’t stop spraying it. On my hands, on my feet, on other people, on door handles. However – those things sting! And they are drying. The little mites I look after have eczema and they did not take kindly to me spritzing them with a sanitizer that contains a […]

Review: Sleek Safari Palette & Acid Eyeshadow Palette

Sleek make up as a range for darker skins but I should say that its for all skintones, but also caters for darker skinned ladies too. They have a number of palettes which contain 12 colours which are BRILL. (I can’t think of another word other than brill…) They cost £4.88 each, are quite often on offer (3 for 2 in Superdrug) and are very soft, very pigmented. (This blog has swatches and reviews from […]

Review: Tallulah Cosmetics Plumping Lipgloss

So I got my mitts on these two pretty mineral lipglosses from Tallulah Cosmetics: I am a sucker for lip gloss, but I really need to stop buying them since they go off fairly quickly and I am no where using all of mine up. These glosses are ‘mineral’ and smell of custard-vanilla. They say: This unique gloss formula is 100% paraben free, with minerals (Mica, TiO2, Iron/Tin Oxides) and a natural humectant (castor seed […]

Catch Up & Giveaway

WordPress 2.8 is AWFUL – anyone considering the upgrade hold your horses because nothing will work. I am currently still trying to seek a solution… Anyway this is a nagging post as I am away today and have nary a moment to do proper posts. Last calls now for the winner of the No. 7 Palette: MINDY Winner of the MUGU Palette: ALICE SUTTON You two ladies need to email me by the end of […]

Review: Skinfood Rice White Mochi Stick Foundation

Skinfood is a very cute Korean brand with tons and tons of skincare and make up products (plenty have been reviewed on this blog) and I decided to try out one of their base products. Buying base items online is always somewhat problematic – there’s guarantee it will match but I ordered shade no.2 anyway from eBay. (Korean make up I find, is a little on the light side whereas I am a medium NC35 […]

Simple Eye Make Up Remover Pads

One thing I hate with a passion – carrying too much stuff with me when I go away. I mean passionately. Ironically, my handbag is the size of a post sack, and has nearly everything a girl could need in an emergency – still, that is my day bag. Girls who take 20 pairs of shoes away? Take hair dryers and GHDs? Ain’t me. As long as people aren’t vomiting as I walk by, it […]

Guess where I’m going tomorrow!

Sainsburys! No not really. On a 50s Hair & Make Up Course! With Ruby Emporium! (The website is up and down a LOT so if its not working when you look now, chances are it will be back up tomorrow). Will report back with pics & tips!

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