Review: Organic Colour Systems Hydrate Leave-In Conditioner

For some reason my hair does not live up to its Asian sterotype of long, dark, strong, glossy, lush. Instead its dry and difficult to manage – has been for a long time. There were times when birds would come and rest on my shoulder, for Christssake! I have reviewed Organic Colour Systems shampoo before (its wonderful) but when I got the Hydrate Leave-in conditioner, I wasn’t too sure. Mainly because I have always had […]

Boyfriend Recommends: 5 hand creams that are….great

The other half has super dry, psoriasis ridden hands that have plagued him for quite a while. At its worse, he can’t physically move his hands because his skin is so dry and cracked. So I thought I would force him to tell me his 5 favourite creams for his hands – all these creams belonged to me before he savagely slopped them all over his mitts. Moisturizer goes missing a lot round these parts. […]

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