7 Days of Skincare Reviews: Neo Strata Bionic Face Cream


Considering the fact I have been a skincare whore of late, its good – actually great – sometimes to use a product that is just straightforward. NeoStrata Bionic Face Cream is one of those, straightforward kinda creams: The NeoStrat range in fairly large with a mixture of cleansers, moisturizers, treatments for various kinds of skin. […]

Hayfever Woes: Vital Eyes & Murine Eye Drops


As if its not bad enough looking haggard and tired from the lack of zzz’s, hayfever is making me look like one of those girls that constantly look like they are on the brink of tears, the ones that cry over everything; from looking 2lbs heavier to headlines like ROBERT PATTISON – GAY? I blogged […]

Lemming Murdered: Creme De La Mer Treatment Powder Foundation


Hallo ladies – very very busy today so bear with me… Ever had this thing, where you want something so badly, so so so badly (see Confessions of a Shopoholic if you need to understand what I mean) and then suddenly, something clicks – it just clicks and you don’t want it anymore? It’s like […]

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