7 Days of Skincare Reviews: Planet Skincare


Snake venom is the next hottest thing in beauty. It is said to have similar effects to good old Botox, both being poisons ‘an all. Planet Skincare is a range that incorporates Snake Venom into their prodcuts. They Say: Research and development has gone into the study and creation of what is perhaps one of the most important and effective, safe and natural compounds to ever see the light of day in the skin care, […]

Monday Giveaway: MU GU White Rabbit Palette, one of a kind!


Pray for me. I need this week to be easy or else I may spontaneously combust. For you my lovelies, this week is a treat from Mu Gu, a Taiwanese brand. Looks: Cute, huh? You get a multi striped blush and 6 cute shimmery eyeshadows all in a very sweet white mirrored palette. To win answer this: What is the strangest dream you have had? Can be make up related. Or not. I ask this […]

He knows me so well


So I have been procrastinating all week, surfing the internet the handbags when I should have been doing some work. The other half just sent me this email with a graph – I think he’s trying to tell me something: The internet is an extension of me, and I am an extension of it. Apart we do not exist. Sigh.

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