EOTD: Using Boots No.17 Carnival Palette


I used the Boots No. 17 trio & liner for my EOTD: Blue, blue, blue! On my cheek is the Jelly Pong Pong Blusher and Avon Spectra Lip in Nudes.

7 Days of Skincare Reviews: Planet Skincare


Snake venom is the next hottest thing in beauty. It is said to have similar effects to good old Botox, both being poisons ‘an all. Planet Skincare is a range…

Monday Giveaway: MU GU White Rabbit Palette, one of a kind!


Pray for me. I need this week to be easy or else I may spontaneously combust. For you my lovelies, this week is a treat from Mu Gu, a Taiwanese…

He knows me so well


So I have been procrastinating all week, surfing the internet the handbags when I should have been doing some work. The other half just sent me this email with a…

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