Competition Winners & Whats Coming up!

Hallo! Just to announce that next week is Skincare week – there will be a review a day on various skincare ranges and products I have been trying out these last 6 months or so. It has played havoc with my skin I have to say. I have learnt some things, like how the price of something DEFINITELY does not mean that its great. I also got my mama and aunties in on the act […]

New(ish) Brand!: Dr. Organic from Holland & Barrett


I have a thing for that Panda Mint Filled Natural Licorice Bar that you can buy at Holland and Barrett’s. Every now and then I will pop in and buy 10 bars to chew on, even though I am not sure why they are organic or particularly good for you at 384 calories per tiny bar. Still… Holland & Barrett’s is a health food store in the UK that sells – well, health food, supplements, […]

Review: Lavera fake tan


So I have brought it on myself to test a number of fake tans since were officially in the Summer (I am guessing) and fake tan is a way of life for many many ladies. Let me tell you why I am not a fan. It looks orange. It doesn’t look orange to you. But 99% it looks orange to me. You don’t care what I think about your tan anyway but I am just […]

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