Review: Anastasia Brow Scissors


Do you trim your brows? A lady on Shu Uemura showed me a few years ago, now I always do a little trim to keep them need. Most of the time, all you need is a trim, not a tweeze. Sometimes when you tweeze, they don’t come back Anastasia Brow make some of the nicest brow products out there. The only other two brow products I adore are (is?) Shu Uemura’s Hard Pencil (with Japanese […]

Boo Boo of the week:


UPDATE: ** PROBLEM SORTED REFUND GIVEN ** All has been solved so I’ll say they are quite an honourable company to buy from. The only thing that they should change is the fact that the reuturn cost of a damaged item comes from the customer. So I made an order the end of last week for this cherry scented lip gloss/balm fro for £8.49. Generally I have no issues with them, they are fast […]

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