5 Oils that you can use to beautify


There are various oils out there that you can use neat on your skin and hair to keep it in good condition. Many of these can be sourced quite cheaply, some are rarer but I have tried all of the following ones out with good results. The advantage of using an oil need is that it tends to last longer, works out cheaper, and its free of a lot of the nasty preservatives found in […]

Timewasting Tutorial: Melt everything!


I have a quite a lot of work to do, many words to churn out and what does a good procrastinator do? Finds things to melt into palettes! I have had a few empty palettes lying around for a while now I was intending to make into useful palettes. My Nars Multiples have lasted FOREVER. I must have chopped an inch off them now for various palettes but there was more than enough for another […]

Is a New Apple iphone worth months worth of make up?


I have been waiting for this phone – I have resisted so far from buying an iphone even though I am 100% an Apple girl. I want one but let’s face it – it’s so expensive. Apple iphone = Blogging Productivity? Apple iphone = No clothes, make up or bags Apple iphone – worth it? (I am currently a crackberry user and a nice little thing it is but so slow and limited in functions…)

5 Bronzing Powders for people who don’t like Bronzers…


My mission – to find natural(ish), skin enhancing, warmth inducing bronzers that are more tanned brown goddess than orange day glo. There are so many nasty tans out there. I am a tan-o-phobic. The smell of fake tan – that malty, mouldy, cardboardy smell is like the smell of a fart for me. There are good and bad of expensive and drugstore brands but what I personally hate in bronzers is anything: 1. Too orange. […]

Haul: NYX Ultra Pearl Mania & Glitter & Lipsticks


It’s been a bit of a hauling week although everything I have bought has been more drugstore level and I’ve been seeking out bargains wherever possible (although I badly want the Creme De La Mer Powder Treatment Foundation. I am guessing priced around £75?) Anyway there are some great eBay sellers out there that sell NYX items to us in the UK for good prices. NYX Ultra Pearl Mania pigments are very fine textured and […]

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