Review: Comfort & Joy Skincare & Make Up


I have been trying out so many types of skincare lately that its punishing me by giving horrid, red lumps. Anti Aging skincare, I have found, maybe effective on fine lines but can be ever so slightly harsh, especially for sensitive ladies like myself. Then I found Comfort & Joy, and independent natural beauty company in the UK. I like the slightly fairy like purple look of the website and brand so got my hands […]

Review: The Pro Make Up Shop Disposable Mascara Wands


I was completely intrigued when I saw The Pro Make Up Shops range of disposable mascara wands. The Pro Make Up Shops range is different because they are different sizes and shapes! Make up counters and artists should always use a disposable brush when doing your make up – always. If they don’t do not let them touch your precious eyes! Now I don’t share mascara with anyone but it didn’t stop be trying some […]

I love my carbs but this is just…impractical…


I love looking at Strapya World, a rather eccentric shop based in Japan which has lots of cute, weird, funny, useful, useless goodies, (specializing in phone charms but also other bits and pieces.) I spotted a cute bread based phone charm range – doughnuts! bun rolls! bagels! danish! and my favourite, white bread! Then I saw that the item is actually true to life size:

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