Models Own Make Up Brand: Lip Gloss, Eyeshadows and Nail Polish


I cooed when I first saw the brand Models Own – the sheer scale of pigment eyeshadows had my excited, the fact that the items were affordable had me excited. The shadows remind me of Barry M – is Models Own a successor? When it comes to the loose powder eyeshadow there are a whopping 60 shades. I tried three in matte neon colours in pink, yellow and purple (if they aren’t actually matte, they […]

Review: Kryolan Aqua Pearl Shades


Whilst I was in London I visited Charles Fox in Covent Garden, which is a nice little shop to visit and as a added bonus they always ask if I’m a student, “Awww shucks. I still look like a student.” Hmmm…maybe. I love cream eyeshadows, and Kryolan’s Aqua Pearl Shades is a creamy, rich shadow that comes in 13 shades in a 5ml bottle. I choose White Gold and Purple. The purple is a very […]

Review: MuLondon Natural Organic Skincare White Chocolate Face Cream


I was just do a random Google search when I found a little natural skincare company called MuLondon. They have four face creams, 1. Hemp, 2. Lavender, 3. Marigold, Frankincense and Myrrh and there was one I just had to try…Organic White Chocolate Truffle. Yep you heard me. Organic. White. Chocolate. Truffle. White. Chocolate. Truffle. Chocolate. Truffle. I don’t touch white chocolate in real life unless it ends in ‘-bar kid’. I find it too […]

Hallo Gorgeous! Haul: Helena Rubinstein Feline Blacks Pencil and Wanted Gloss


Helena Rubinstein deserves your respect. Why? It has been noted by some sources that she invented the mascara, the modern day mascara (not the first cake mascara) as we know it today, that is the wand in a tube, and the liquid formula. But Helena Rubinstein the brand is not easy to get hold, certainly not in the UK or in the USA. I had some real old style HR make up years ago – […]

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